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Welcome to the Course Site for SUST 2001W

Course: SUST 2001W
Lecture Hours: 3 Lecture Hours
Semester: Spring 2021
Course Day and Time: Monday and Wednesday, 2:15 – 3:30 PM
Course Location: Zoom (professor will provide link)

There is no required textbook to purchase for this course as we are part of the Open Educational Resources (OER) Program. However, that does not mean there aren’t readings.  This course site is where you can find readings, information and instructions.

Professor Dan Shtob
Sociology and Urban Sustainability
Office: TBD
Phone: To be added
Office Hours: 12:15 – 2:15 pm or by appointment on Zoom (professor will give your link).

Professor Rebecca Boger
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Office: 4151 Ingersoll
Phone: x2159
Office Hours: TBD

Urban Sustainability Theory Course Description

Interdisciplinary intellectual history and contemporary questions, debates, and theories surrounding urban sustainability. Theoretical contributions from natural sciences, economics, and sociology to understanding the human-nature interface in urban environments; analysis and synthesis of primary texts and policy documents.

Course Outline

The course is organized into an introductory synthesis, three disciplinary units and a conclusion. Each instructor will participate in the introductory and concluding sessions. The disciplinary blocks are three-week immersions in the theory of each discipline.

Methods of Evaluation

At the end of each topical unit, there will be an examination. Each professor will also assign readings and short assignments. The semester project will include a written paper, a brief presentation and a peer-review assignment.

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